We are a Christ-centered church that focuses on the teachings, example, and life of Jesus the Christ. We celebrate the diversity, inclusiveness, and unconditional love that Jesus lived, taught, and called us to follow. We believe in Social Justice and Equality for all people because the ministry of Jesus was exactly that. We believe that the love, peace, and promises of Jesus were offered freely to every person. We do not believe that fighting over doctrine and legalism is what Jesus had in mind for the church he created. You can be who you are at MCC Louisville. We believe if there is anything about you or your life that Jesus wishes to change, well; that is what the Holy Spirit is for and about. We do not believe judgment belongs to anyone but the Creator who made everything. In fact, we believe that judgment and legalism continue to harm the church and drives people away from God.

We invite you to come experience a worship service where you can commune with God, celebrating the individual you are.

               A beautiful and precious gift that God created and sent into this to the world! You truly are welcome here! Come visit us!

What We Believe

Core Values:


MCC of Louisville is a Christ-centered church continually growing and inviting you and your family to grow with us.

We embrace a joyful and spirit-filled worship experience.

We value serving God through the sharing of time, talent and resources.


Vision Statement:


Within three years we will grow into a pastor-size congregation of diverse ages using a ministry-equipped building and contemporary social media to accomplish our mission using our Core Values.

What Our Worship is Like

Worship at the Metropolitan Community Church of Louisville is open to anyone wishing to hear the message of God's All-Inclusive Love.  We don't have a dress code; you can wear jeans, dress slacks, shirt with a tie, golf shirt, shorts, skirt, etc.


Worship begins each Sunday at 12:30 PM; however, feel free to come early and join others in our social hall.  Have a cup of coffee, sit and relax, and share your news of the last few days.


Celebration of Communion

Our weekly communion service offers an open communion table, which means that you don't need to be a member of MCC  Louisville or of any church in order to receive the bread and the cup.


We serve a non-alcoholic cup so that all will feel welcome.  We also serve by intinction which means that we dip a wafer into the cup and serve you and then offer you a brief blessing or prayer.


It is our belief that the gifts of the table are for ALL God's children - and we are ALL Children of God!  Come!  Join us at the table.


Universal Fellowship of the

Metropolitan Community Church


We are proud to be part of the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Church which was founded on Oct. 6, 1968 by Rev. Troy Perry.


MCC is a global Christian church of loving, affirming and welcoming communities of faith.  We are “Transforming Ourselves as we Transform the World” Because we are a people of the Good News, we are working with our Divine Creator to “Build Up Hope” among our siblings worldwide.


We are a people of HOPE

We are a people of FAITH

We welcome you on this lifelong journey and mission!


Visit the UFMCC denomination web site here>


MCC Louisville History

In 1972, MCCL began with a Bible study in the home of two lesbians. The group grew to a point that in 1974 we began renting worship space from the First Unitarian Church. In 1975 Rev. Anne Keast and Rev. Sandy Taylor were called as Co-Pastors. Rev. Dee Dale assumed the pastorate in December 1983.


In December of 1985, the First Unitarian Church burned to the ground. The Unitarian Church and MCC Louisville lost everything material, but the churches were alive and well. Our church adopted the slogan "When you've got nothing left but God, you've got enough to start again." The picture above of our cross and two chalices were the only remaining artifacts from the burned rumble. The Unitarians gave us $1000 to purchase new communion vessels and a new cross.


After the fire, we took up residence at the Comm Ten Center (a LGBT Community Center). We remained there for six months until we were offered worship space at Christ Church' Cathedral. We moved there in 1986 and remained there for one year. In 1987 we moved back to the Comm Ten Center. The Center was sold in August of 1988 and MCC Louisville had grown to a point of purchasing its own building. We moved into our first building on Bank Street in October 1988. We grew steadily and were able to pay our building off in six years.


In 1994 we knew we needed to move and expand our ministry.

In March of 1996, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church contacted us. They had a church to sell in the Highlands and they knew were looking to expand. We had a trial service the first Sunday in June, our closing service in our old building on June 29 and our Opening Service "Under New Management" in our new building on July 6. We continue to grow today in this building on Highland Avenue.


In August 2011, Rev Dee Dale retired after being the pastor of the church for 28 years. Her spouse Judy Dale also was a big part of MCCL history.


In October 2013, Rev. Colleen Foley was called to be the Senior Pastor, and she retired in November 2018.


In April 2019, MCC, in collaboration with the MCCL Board of Directors, appointed Rev. Stedney Phillips as the Provisional Pastor.


We are dedicated to MCC Louisville, and through the guidance of the Spirit, we are pursuing whatever God calls us to do in the Church, the LGBT+ community, and all of God's Creation. 


We remain true to our calling to bring the Good News of an inclusive and loving God to the LGBTQIA community, but just as our denomination has grown, so has our local church—today the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Church is a true melting pot of people from many parts of the world society.

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